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Network Printer Disappears

I have run into a problem where I install a networked printer on a computer as a local printer and once I reboot the computer the printer disappears.  I made sure the printer was available, and I could reinstall the printer, but as soon as I restarted the computer it would disappear again.

I realized the problem had to do with the share name.  Even though I was not sharing the printer through the computer I needed to have a share name on the printer.  Usually one is provided during the install, but I have found that occasionally the field is blank during the install process.  If one is not provided, usually all you have to do is click the share button.  Once you do this, a name usually appears.  Then just click Do not share printer.

Here is a screen shot of the install showing the share name blank.

As you can see once I click Share this printer a name is populated.  You can change this to whatever you want.

You can see that when I click on Do not share, the name stays populated.


I have had this problem on 3 different computers, and this fix has worked every time.

HP Laserjet Will Not Print Multiple Copies

This is a problem I have come across a few times.  What usually happens is that a user will try to print multiple copies of something but always just receives one.  This problem is caused by Mopier Mode being enabled by default.  Mopier Mode is supposed to minimize traffic by sending 1 copy to the printer. The printer is supposed to store the one copy and use it to produce multiple copies.  Most HP Laserjets do not have enough internal memory to do this, so only 1 copy is printed.

To disable Mopier Mode:
1.  Go to Devices and Printers
2.  Right click on your HP Laserjet printer
3.  Select Printer Properties
4.  Click on the Device Settings tab
5.  Scroll down to the bottom.  You may have to expand the Installable Options
6.  Click on Mopier Mode
7.  Select Disable in the selection box that appears
8.  Click Apply