Setting Java Security level in MSI

Starting with Java 7 Update 51, Java started blocking certain Java applications.  These applications were deemed outdated and a security risk by Java.  You can still get these to run by changing the security level of Java to allow these to run.  If you need to set the security level of many machines and are pushing Java out through Group Policy you can edit the msi file to push out the desired security setting.  Below are the setting you can add to the Property Table in the msi to change the security level to your needs.

  • On installation, the WEB_JAVA argument has the following effect:
    WEB_JAVA=1 enables Java in the browser
    WEB_JAVA=0 disables Java in the browser
  • On installation, the WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL argument has the following effect:
    WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL=VH sets the security level to very high
    WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL=H sets the security level to high
    WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL=M sets the security level to medium

You will need to set the WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL=M to be able to run blocked Java applications.